Get Out of That Rut!

I get it! 

There were times I was spinning my wheels.
A lot of activity with nothing to show for it.
Then I learned to gain traction and momentum with tools that lead to an abundance of purpose and a life full and free.

Teresa Janzen

your Abundance Coach

Are you stuck, stressed, or scattered?

Get out of that rut and Do More – Decide Better – and Dig Deeper than you ever imagined possible.

Anticipate the day ahead. Then fall asleep satisfied with a day well-lived.

I am passionate about helping people live an abundant life – full and free – with clarity and purpose.

Knowing and pursuing your purpose allows you to go to bed satisfied with what you’ve accomplished and excited for what tomorrow may hold.

It all begins with understanding who you are and what motivates you to be your best. Then you can ...

Do More - Decide Better - Dig Deeper

than you ever imagined possible!

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Leadership Coaching

The world is changing fast, and you need to adapt fast to keep up. Lead from your strengths and develop your areas of growth.

Abundance Coaching

Are you stuck, stressed, or scattered? Get the tools you need to do more, decide better and dig deeper than you ever imagined possible.

Coaching for Communicators

You have a message to share – learn to make the most impact with your message. Get focused on delivery, marketing, distribution, and booking.

Group Coaching

An Abundance Group is formed as a cohort, so you can build trust and relationships.  Teresa works with each group personally, and once per quarter she meets with each member individually.



Whether teaching, inspiring, or enlightening, Teresa’s words hit the mark and pierce the heart. 

Patricia Butler
Stuart Florida

Teresa is a clear, professional, and biblically-based communicator.

Mary Dailey Brown
Executive Director
Sow Hope


 Teresa is an engaging and genuine person with a positive outlook.
She captures a crowd’s attention and has a heart for God!

Paul Sischo
Greenville, MI

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Teresa Janzen, M.Ed., ignites a passion for abundant living through radical service. She is an international speaker, author, and podcast host. Her experience in leadership and global ministry drives her to share inspiring stories with wit and insight. Her candid and personable style is sure to capture the heart of any audience.