Book Review: Letters to an Apprentice

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Book Review: Letters to an Apprentice

Correspondence from one person to another can be a unique literary device for communicating a message. We see a fictitious example in the classic work of C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters” and historical records such as “The Diary of Ann Frank”. Even the Bible uses letters as a means of communicating the inspired Word of God.

Letters to an ApprenticeJeremy Taliaferro’s “Letters to an Apprentice: a culture of mentorship” is a call to develop mentor – mentee relationships through the inspiration of letters he received during his life. Taliaferro examines various types and styles of mentorship through authentic connections and challenges the reader to fine his or her own mentor and apprentice.

Most of us have a desire to leave a legacy, but few spend the time and intentional effort to make daily decisions resulting in a transformational heritage. Jeremy demonstrates, through practical experience, the small – but regular – steps that lead to relational impact.

The entire world seems to be grappling with maintaining intimate relationships in an era of social distancing. “Letters to an Apprentice” is well-written, thought provoking, practical, and timely. If you have a desire to Deepen relationships through intentional engagement get for a journey that will change the world and glorify God.

Favorite quote: Either your life is about Christ or it is about you.

From the author:
The narrow road is dangerous and full of hardship; it was never intended to be traveled alone. We were always supposed to have guides. And we are also expected to lead others along that path.

Unfortunately, Christian mentorship has been neglected far too long. We are in danger of losing yet another generation to mediocrity and self-interest if we do not act now.

Letters to an Apprentice invites you on a journey–occasionally uncomfortable and revealing–as one young apprentice develops and matures through the influence of one mentor after another. These lessons are shared through a series of letters that use real-life scenarios to prompt innovative ideas that inspire you to become a better mentor or apprentice. Letters to an Apprentice is filled with practical examples and steps to help you:

– find your mentor and make the best of that relationship.
– find your apprentice and pass on what you have learned.
– create a culture of mentorship in your family, church, ministry, or team.

Join us as we rekindle the ancient discipline of Christian mentorship. Start your own journey, and wade deeper into your place in the body of Christ as you deepen your understanding of the kingdom of God.

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